How do I activate my token?

To activate your physical security token, you will need to call our Business Online Banking team. Please have your token with you when you call. You'll be taken through our standard security process before the token can be activated.

To set up mobile authentication please visit for more information.

If you have tried to set up mobile authentication and your device is shown in a pending status within the 'Manage my device' section in online banking, this can occur when you have not fully completed the registration process.

If you try to register again, the system thinks that the original request is still in progress resulting in the 'pending' registration.

To correct this please delete this device on the 'Manage my device' screen within online banking and start the registration process again.
For security, only one device can be active at a time. If you would like to add a new device, you will first need to remove the existing one.
To remove a device, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose 'Manage my security device' from the menu
  2. Once on the 'Manage my device' screen choose 'Actions'
  3. From the drop down menu choose 'Delete device details'
  4. Open HID Approve app and choose 'challenge response'
  5. Enter the code displayed within online banking into the app followed by your HID password.
  6. Enter your PIN or use your biometrics to confirm your identity
  7. Enter the code generated into online banking
  8. Confirm removal of the device by choosing 'Remove device'

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