How to register for Business Online Banking

Registering for Business Online Banking is simple and straightforward. You can register if you hold any of our business current accounts.

Business Online Banking allows you to:

  • Check your balances
  • View your statements
  • Make payments to another person or company
  • Transfer money between your Co-operative Bank business accounts
  • Search for transactions. You can search by transaction type (eg cheques), date or amount
  • Check all credits and debits on your account
  • Cancel standing orders or direct debits
  • Enquire if cheques have been presented, stop cheques and remove a stop

As well as performing actions on your account, you can also order the following:

  • Copies of cheques, credits or debits
  • Copies of statements
  • Up-to-date statements
  • Paying in books
  • Cheque books
  • Pre-addressed envelopes

      Business Online Banking application

      You can register for Business Online Banking by completing one of the following forms and scan and email back to bascomms@co‑ or return to the address provided on the form.

      Alternatively you can call business account support

      Business Online Banking application PDF

      Add a user PDF

      You can register for Business Online Banking by calling business account support.

      Please make sure that all account signatories have read and understood the terms and conditions which apply to the Business Online Banking Service. These are included in our business account terms and conditions.

      Before you can access Business Online Banking you need a Business current account.

      To find out more about our current accounts and apply, visit our business current accounts homepage.

      New mobile security token

      Our new authentication app is a quick and secure way to generate verification codes from your mobile.

      The app has been developed by HID Global, the company that provides our physical security token and is an alternative to using this for accessing your account and authorising payments.

      Whilst we continue to improve our online service you should keep your physical token as there may be times when you'll need this, for example when registering a new device. As soon as your physical token is no longer needed we will let you know.

      Download the HID Approve app

      To get started, go to your device's app store and download the app.

      Download on the AppStore

      Get it on Google Play

      Link your account to the app

      Before you can use the app you'll need to have access to your physical security token and then you will need to link the app to your online banking User ID as follows:

      1. Log in to online banking
      2. Select 'Set up Mobile Authentication'
      3. Select 'Set up new security device'
      4. Complete security check by using your physical security token
      5. Confirm you have downloaded the app and select 'Start app set up'
      6. Either scan the QR code or enter on-screen details manually
      7. Enter friendly name to the service
      8. Set up 4 digit passcode
      9. Select 'complete set-up'
      10. Follow the on-screen instructions to test the app

      Once you've completed registration you can set up bio-metrics like face ID or fingerprint.

      What you can do with the app

      The HID Approve app will:

      • allow you to authorise payments via an app as an alternative to your physical security token
      • let you use a device of your choice, like a mobile or tablet

      Get help with the app

      Find out how to use the HID Approve app

      Online banking user guide (PDF)

      Security and protection

      At The Co-operative Bank, keeping your information secure and confidential is crucial to us. To protect all of our customers, we use a range of strict security measures including the latest encryption technology.

      The online banking security token provides you with an additional level of security. The security token works by generating codes that are required to log on to the system, complete some transactions, and set up new beneficiaries.

      Never tell anyone the codes generated from your token, not even us!

      • If you're using the physical security token, we can provide a larger desktop device with clear display and easy-to-use buttons if needed. Our desktop device has all the functionality of our smaller pocket security token with the added benefit of audio commands.

      Keeping you protected

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