New multiple businesses feature

Link up to five businesses on one device and manage all of your eligible accounts wherever you are. Learn more.

Business banking app

  • Manage your business accounts on the go
  • View available balances and transactions for your current and savings accounts
  • Pay existing UK payees

You can use the Business banking app if you:

  • are already using business online banking
  • have a business current account but no more than 12 accounts in total
  • don't have anyone set up as an approver of changes, like approval of payments.

The Business banking app isn't available for our FD Online customers yet.

How to set up the Business banking app

To get started, download The Co-operative Bank 'Business Bank' app from your app store.

Download on the AppStore

Get it on Google Play

Once you've downloaded the Business banking app, you'll need to enter your online banking:

  • customer ID
  • user ID.

Next, you'll need to enter a code from your security token. To generate this code:

  1. press OK on your security token
  2. enter your four digit PIN
  3. press OK again to generate a code.

You can use either your physical token or HID Approve mobile security app to complete this.

Once we've verified your identity, you will then create a five digit passcode that you will use to log in to the Business banking app. You'll also have the option to use your face recognition and fingerprint unlock software, if your device has them. These are known as Face ID and Touch ID on Apple devices.

You won't have to use your token or online banking details again to access the Business banking app.

If you don't use online banking

If you haven't yet registered for online banking, registering is simple and straightforward.

  1. download and complete the online application form 
  2. scan and email back to us at

Once you've registered, you need to log in, read and accept the terms and conditions before downloading the Business banking app.

What you can do on the Business banking app

  • log in securely with your face recognition and fingerprint unlock software, if your device has them. These are known as Face ID and Touch ID on Apple devices
  • link up to five businesses on one device, and for each business view up to 12 of your current and savings accounts
  • see your available balance against each account, minus your pending card transactions
  • browse 30 days' worth of completed transactions in real time, from the date of login up to a maximum of 3000
  • move easily between incoming and outgoing transactions and also search by payee, amount or date
  • make payments to existing UK payees
  • view your profile information.

Help using the Business banking app

Why are you forcing me to update my Business banking app?

These changes are needed for your security and safety. Updating to the latest version of our app will help to ensure your personal information is kept safe and secure.

You could turn on your device’s automatic updates, if available, so that you’ll always have the latest version of the Business banking app installed on your device.

Is my device compatible with the Business banking app?

To make sure our Business banking app is safe and secure, you'll only be able to access and use it on a device with a compatible operating system.

You'll need a device with one of the following operating systems:

iPhone – iOS 12 and above
Android – version 7 and above

How to update your device's operating system


  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update
  • If there's an update available, you should have the option to either 'Install Now' or Download and Install'.

Make sure to back up your device beforehand using iCloud or your computer.


  • Go to Settings > System > System Update
  • If there's an update available, follow the instructions on the screen.

If your device can't be updated

If there are no updates available for your device and you're unable to use our Business Banking App, you'll still be able to manage your account by contacting Business Account Support.

How do I enable face recognition and fingerprint unlock software?

You can enable this as part of registering for the Business banking app, or control it later through the profile section. These are known as Face ID and Touch ID on Apple devices.

I have two users on my account, can they login to the Business banking app?

We will allow all users on the account to login to the Business banking app as long as you don't have a user and approver flow set up in online banking and have less than 12 current and savings accounts.

What does my balance include?

Your current balance is how much money you have in the account, not including the arranged overdraft limit (if you have one) or pending transactions.

Your available balance is how much money you have in the account that is available to use. This includes pending transactions you have made, that haven’t yet debited your account. Any arranged overdraft limit you have won’t be included in your available balance, so if you are using your overdraft, a minus figure would be displayed.

If you have an arranged overdraft limit, it will be listed separately and won’t be included in the current balance or available balance that’s displayed. If you use the overdraft, the amount quoted next to the overdraft limit won’t change.

If you are currently using your overdraft both your current and available balance will have a minus sign next to it.

If your account isn’t yet in an overdrawn position, but you have pending transactions that will result in an overdraft once they’ve debited, your current balance will show in credit but your available balance will have a minus sign.

Which existing payees will I be able to see in the Business banking app?

You'll be able to see any payees you've set up in online banking. If you've only ever paid the payee via our contact centre, this won't be available in the Business banking app.

What should I do if I have lost or changed my phone?

If you have lost your phone, contact your mobile network provider immediately so they can disable your phone. Nobody will be able to login to your Business banking app without your passcode, fingerprint or face recognition.

If you change your phone, you will need to re-download the Business banking app from your app store and follow the instructions on the screen.

An accessible app

The Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) has accredited our app as accessible to the WCAG AA standard. Please note that the app doesn't currently work in landscape mode. We're working on that.

How we keep your mobile banking secure

We’re committed to making your mobile banking experience as safe and secure as possible by:

  • Using a range of fraud detection systems to regularly monitor your accounts for suspicious activity
  • Protecting you through our fraud guarantee in the unlikely event you fall victim to fraud

You can learn more about: