International Payments

Make quick, secure and cost-effective international payments.

Making international payments

There are four different services available through which you can send your international payments. Please see the information below to discover more about which payment service best fits your business needs.

  • SWIFT - The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications can be used to make an electronic payment in several different currencies to almost anywhere in the world
  • SEPA - If you need to make a non-urgent Euro payment to a beneficiary within the Single Euro Payments Area, you may be able to do so through a SEPA Credit Transfer
  • US Structured Payment - This is a low-cost service for the sending of US dollars to the United States of America
  • Real Time Euro Payment (TARGET2) - This is the quickest but most expensive option for making urgent Euro payments within the Eurozone.

What you need to make an international payment

You'll need to know the following information about the person or company receiving the money.

  • Debiting sort code and account number
  • Amount you would like to transfer and the currency you would like to transfer the funds in
  • Contact telephone number
  • Beneficiary's name and account number
  • Address of the receiving bank
  • An IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code are mandatory (unless sending a SEPA) in order to proceed with the payment.

Note: Further information may be required when sending international payments to some countries.  We will ask for this at the time or contact you back to request this.

Receiving international payments

Payments received in a foreign currency will be converted into Sterling and credited into your business account.

The fastest and most secure way of transferring funds into your account is through an electronic transfer. In order to receive a payment, you will need to provide your customer with the following information:

  • Our name in full - The Co-operative Bank p.l.c.
  • Our BIC/SWIFT code - CPBKGB22
  • Your account name, IBAN or account number.

We will confirm receipt of any payments made through our cross -border payments system, showing the amount received and any deductions made from the original amount requested.

International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs)

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number, which you can use when making or receiving international payments. An IBAN is always used in conjunction with a Bank Identifier Code (BIC) when sending or receiving payments with a beneficiary abroad.

You can find your IBAN on your statement.

More information on BICs

The BIC is a standard identifier for banks internationally. It is issued by SWIFT and should be used on all international payments, unless making a SEPA where the bank will derive the BIC from the IBAN provided.

The Co-operative Bank BIC: CPBKGB22

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