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Tampopo Restaurants

David Fox from Tampopo

We believe that doing good is as important as doing well in business.

The Co-operative Bank is the only high-street bank with a customer-led Ethical Policy. So naturally, we’re delighted to feature our customers in our latest business banking campaign; people who run the small to medium-sized enterprises that are helping to transform our local communities.

Here, David Fox from Tampopo tells us why they chose The Co-operative Bank:

“Tampopo is an independent group of Pan-Asian restaurants. Our first restaurant opened in Manchester in 1997 and today we have six, across England. We’ve always loved the fact that The Co-operative Bank is a local bank with values that are close to our heart. So we know that our money is being used in the right way – to help local communities and like-minded businesses like ours.

The bank’s willingness to lend has helped our business to grow, and their day-to-day service and support means that any little issues are always sorted quickly – so that we can get on with running our restaurants.”

Customer case study from 2019

If you want a bank that understands the everday challenges of running a business, why not join us and start enjoying the benefits of a better business banking.

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