Harry Bates Bathrooms

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My business bank combines values and ethics with award winning service*

The Co-operative Bank is the only high-street bank with a customer-led Ethical Policy. So naturally, we're delighted to feature our customers in our latest business banking campaign; people who run the small to medium-sized enterprises that are helping to transform our local communities. 

Here, David from Harry Bates Ltd tells us why they chose The Co-operative Bank:

“Harry Bates Ltd is a large bathroom showroom and plumbers merchant. We are family-owned, family-run and our focus on quality products, service and value has served us well for 53 years. We chose The Co-operative Bank for their friendly approach and their ethical history. We see them as the people’s bank.

Whenever we speak to them, they take the time to listen and they respond quickly - we know that we matter to them. We never get the brush off! Most importantly, no matter what changes the bank may have gone through, we still speak to the same people as always and they understand our business.”

Customer case study from 2019

If you want a bank that's won awards for its service and understands the everyday challenges of running a business, why not join us and start enjoying better business banking. 

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