Free everyday banking and support for co-operative businesses

4 September 2022

3 min read

Growing the co-operative economy

Our commitment to co-operative values and ethics has been a fundamental part of The Co-operative Bank ever since we were first established back in 1872 - and we remain just as committed to these values and ethics today. One of the ways we show this is by offering support to new and growing co-operatives – businesses and organisations that are owned and controlled by their members.

As part of our ongoing support for the co-operative movement, we're a member of Co-operatives UK, a network of thousands of co-operatives across the country. Co-operatives UK aims to empower and support co-operatives with specialised knowledge and expertise, to help grow the co-operative movement and create a fairer society.

Support for new and growing co-operatives

If you’re looking to get set up as a co-operative company, Co-operatives UK has a wealth of information to help you get started. Their step-by-step guide takes you through the start-up process, from testing your business idea and creating a business plan right through to registering your co-operative.

You can also get support to grow an existing co-operative business with the Co-operative UK’s extensive library of online resources, blogs and information, covering topics ranging from HR, culture, governance and finance, to marketing, membership strategy and co-operative development.

Free everyday banking for your co-operative business

If you’re looking for a bank account for your co-operative, Co-operatives UK also provides information about our Community DirectPlus Account. Community DirectPlus has been specifically designed to meet the needs of registered co-operative companies like Coffee Cranks, where everyone in the business works together to create a strong community network and a fairer society for everyone.

As well as free everyday banking, Community DirectPlus Account holders have the opportunity to apply for funding of up to £1,000 from our Customer Donation Fund to support special projects and fundraising activities.

By helping co-operative businesses to thrive, we want to help make our communities stronger and more resilient. Find out more about our commitment to co-operative values within our communities.