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Account Charging

You can find all our charging information for our Business Banking products and services here, including the invoicing and debiting dates.

  • Account tariff charging
  • FD Online charging
  • Bacs charging

Depending on the type of Business current account you hold with us, the rates differ. Please refer to your account tariff for more information.

In order to provide transparent charging information, we've created a table that details the periods in which charges are accrued on business accounts, and, importantly, the date you will be charged.

Invoice start dateInvoice end dateCharging date
19th November 2018 18th December 2018 4th January 2019
19th December 2018 17th January 2019 5th February 2019
18th January 2019 14th February 2019 5th March 2019
15th February 2019 19th March 2019 5th April 2019
20th March 2019 16th April 2019 3rd May 2019
17th April 2019 17th May 2019 5th June 2019
20th May 2019 18th June 2019 5th July 2019
19th June 2019 18th July 2019 5th August 2019
19th July 2019 19th August 2019 5th September 2019
20th August 2019 17th September 2019 4th October 2019
18th September 2019 17th October 2019 5th November 2019
18th October 2019 18th November 2019 5th December 2019
19th November 2019 17th December 2019 3rd January 2020

Your invoice will be sent the business day after the invoice end date to pre notify you of your charges.

Invoice start date

Refers to the date that the charging period for that particular month begins.

Invoice end date

Refers to the date that the charging period for that particular month ends.

Charging date

The date you are actually charged for the amount stated in your most recent invoice.

Your FD Online invoice will be sent to your system administrator (via a secure mail within FD Online) on the first business day of each month. Your nominated Co-operative business current account will then be debited 14 days later. Where this falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the charge will be debited the following business day.

  • If you would prefer for invoices to be sent to another user your administrator can request this using the secure mail service within FD Online.
  • If you submit Bacs via FD Online you will be invoiced and charged via FD Online not via your account tariff and invoice.

If you wish to cancel the FD Online service please email a signed request on letter-headed paper to fdonline@co-operativebank.co.uk. You will need to provide one month's notice. Please note you will be charged for the previous month, once we have completed your request to cancel the service.

Depending on how you submit your Bacs files will affect how you are charged and the costing.

If you submit via FD Online please see the FD Online tariff and charging information.

If you submit through another method you can refer to the Bacs tariff for charges. Standard Bacs charges are invoiced on a calendar month basis, pre-notified the following month, and then charged the month after. For example; Bacs files submitted 1-31 January, would be included in your February invoice, and charged on or around the 5th March.


If you submit with a bsecure card please refer to your bsecure tariff. bsecure fees will be charged separately from your file and transaction fees on your account tariff invoice. Dates of your account tariff invoicing and charging can be found within the account tariff charging section. bsecure invoices will be issued when a card or card reader is requested or when a renewal is due and will debit your billing account 14 days from the invoice date. Where this falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the charge will be debited the following business day.

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