How do I send a CHAPS payment?

You can make a CHAPS payment online, if you have requested this facility to be added:

  1. Login to online banking
  2. Select ‘Payment and transfers’ from the left hand menu
  3. Select ‘Pay and transfer’
  4. Select ‘Pay someone else’
  5. Remove the tick from ‘Pay using faster payments’
  6. Ensure ‘CHAPS’ is selected and press ‘Continue’
  7. Select the account you wish the payment to come from
  8. Select the payee you wish to pay
  9. Enter the amount
  10. Enter required reference
  11. Click ‘Continue’ and select the reason for the payment
  12. If happy to continue select ‘Continue with payment’
  13. If you have an approval workflow please either chose an approver or leave as ‘Any approver’
  14. Use your security token to verify the payment
  15. Click ‘Confirm payment’.

CHAPS payments sent online are guaranteed same day, as long as the request is received by 5.30pm.

Alternatively, you can send your request by email to, please include:

  • Your business account details
  • The beneficiary account details
  • The payment details and any reference

The request needs to be signed in accordance with your signing authority on the account.

Emailed requests are guaranteed same day, as long as the request is received by 4.30pm for UK CHAPS, and 2pm for Euro CHAPS/TARGET2 requests.

Additional charges may apply, please refer to your account tariff for details.