How will cheque imaging impact me?

Cheques you write A key change we introduced with effect from 30th October 2017 is that to stop a cheque you will no longer be able to request this on the day it’s presented to us for a payment decision. You can do this anytime in advance of the payment date but not on the actual day we decide whether to honour the payment. To stop a cheque you will need to be able to quote both the amount and the cheque Serial Number (this number can be found at the bottom of the cheque).

Please be mindful of these timelines. If online banking is unavailable, you may need to contact us for support. Cheques paid in at the Co-operative Bank You will still be able to pay in cheques through the branch, Post Office, post or direct to us.

Cheques paid in to the Co-operative Bank will continue to be processed using the existing cheque clearing cycle and not the new digital clearing cycle until we launch this part of our service in 2018.

Cheques paid in at other Banks. If you pay in a cheque through another Bank that is using the digital clearing cycle, your balance will only update once we know the cheque has cleared. If the cheque hasn’t cleared we will notify you in writing.

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