What services do you support through the Post Office?

You can make use of the network of Post Office branches to pay in cash and cheques, withdraw cash or request change over the counter. Cash can be deposited at any Post Office by using your debit card or bar coded paying in book up to a maximum of £10,000 per week (of which a maximum of £250 per day can be coins) without prior arrangement.

Please note: the Post Office® reserves the right to decline loose coin deposits, which isn't bagged up as full denominations.

If you are likely to deposit over £10,000 cash per week and/or require a Change Giving facility you will need to call your Customer Service Centre.
to register with the address of your preferred Post Office branch. Please allow up to three weeks for the arrangements to be made. There may be a nominal charge for this service, please refer to your tariff.

For more information please see our Post office guide.

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