Can I change the PIN on my security token?

To change the PIN on your physical security token:

  1. Please press OK on your token and enter your 4 digit PIN, then press OK and your 10 digit number will appear.
  2. Press Menu and the Change Pin option will appear, press OK.
  3. The token will ask for a New PIN, enter your new 4 digit PIN and press OK.
  4. The token will ask you to Confirm, enter the same 4 digit pin and press OK.

Your PIN will change immediately.

If you have forgotten the PIN for your mobile authentication app, you will need to delete and re-install the app. You will need to access Business Online Banking using your physical token and delete the device. Once you have done this, choose 'Set up mobile authentication' from the dashboard and follow the steps in the registration process.

For more information visit and follow the user guide. Providing your device is compatible, you also have the option of using fingerprint or facial recognition. If you want to add fingerprint or facial recognition after you have set up your device, you can do this by accessing the menu within the app on your device. The PIN you originally created when setting up the app will be requested to make this change.

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