Can I change the PIN on my security token?

HID Approve App

If you have forgotten the PIN for your HID Approve App, you will need to remove the app from your Business Online Banking account and reactivate it.

Please follow the steps on our HID Approve page to do this.

Physical token

To change the Pin for your physical token for any reason, please follow these steps.

On your physical token:

  1. Press 'OK.'
  2. Enter your four digit PIN and press 'OK.'
  3. Press 'Menu' when your 10 digit number appears.
  4. 'Change PIN' appears, press 'OK.'
  5. Enter a new four digit PIN, press 'OK.'
  6. ‘Again’ or ‘Confirm’ appears, enter your new PIN again and press ‘OK.’

Your PIN will have been changed.

Please note: Neither the Bank nor any genuine person or company will ask you to disclose the security code from your security token. If you are asked for this, STOP! Think fraud and contact us.