How do I export transaction information?

  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Click on 'Search transactions' on the left of the dashboard
  3. If you have more than one account with us, you can either leave 'All accounts' which has been auto selected to search through all transactions, or choose 'Select account' to search through one account
  4. Select how you want to search from the 'Search by' drop-down menu, choose from 'Date range', 'Amount' and 'Customer reference'
  5. Enter the details connected to your search choice
  6. Click 'Apply search'
  7. If you want to remove filters from your search, click on them one at a time to untick, or select 'Clear filters' to start your search again
  8. Click 'Download', located in the top right of the screen
  9. Select the type of file you want to download from CSV, PDF, TXT and XLS.

Please note: The CSV download format has changed, the new export includes:

New .CSV export contains

  • Transaction date
  • Account number
  • Bank reference
  • Type of payment
  • Customer reference
  • Amount - credit and debit in the same column
  • Additional information

    If you would like your CSV export to look like the previous version, please follow the steps below:

    1. Open it
    2. Select column A and delete it
    3. If the account number column is not needed, select and delete this row - now column B
    4. Select row one and two and delete them - these are headers
    5. Delete the last row, which is a footer
    6. Go to 'save as' and save the file in .csv format.