How do I approve a payment in online banking?

  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Select 'Approvals' from the menu on the left side of the dashboard
  3. Select 'Pending with me' near the top left of the screen
  4. Select the 'Payments' tab
  5. You will see a screen displaying all payments waiting for (pending) your approval
  6. Click 'Actions'
  7. Click 'Payment details'
  8. Check the details of the payment are correct
  9. Click 'Approve' or 'Reject'
  10. If you click 'Approve', we will ask you for the details from your security token.

Please note: Once you have approved a payment please close the success tab down before opening a new payment to approve.

You can approve multiple approval requests by selecting the individual approvals at the start of each record or you can approve all records by selecting the ‘payment reference ID’ field.

Up to 50 approvals will be displayed on one page with the option to view more if more than 50 approvals are outstanding.