Protecting your business from fraud webinar

17 June 2022

2 min read

In 2021, losses to fraud and cybercrime in the UK totalled over £3 billion with thousands of businesses falling victim to scams and cyber-attacks. Since the coronavirus outbreak, businesses across the globe are having to adapt to new ways of working in order to continue to provide essential goods and services at the time when they need them most. New ways of working have meant workforces being reduced, adapting different trading platforms and methods and working from home more frequently. Small businesses in particular have struggled to adapt to these challenging times. Many businesses do not have the right infrastructure and technology in place to adapt to new working environments quickly and safely to ensure their business is protected at a time when the global economy is facing the biggest crisis since the financial crash of 2008.

The National Cyber Security Centre currently estimates that 1 in 2 SMEs will fall victim to a cyber-security attack. Small businesses may also experience additional fraud attempts made against them during this already uncertain economic period for UK businesses.

The Co-operative Bank has partnered with training and education provider BPP to develop a series of 15 minute cyber security training sessions. In these challenging economic times it is more important than ever to make sure you know how to protect your business from fraud. Visit The Co-operative Bank website to view the training today. Or you can find a range of fraud awareness tips to help protect your business.

Also in partnership with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, The Co-operative Bank hosted a free webinar on 08 July 2020 so customers can learn how to help protect their business from fraud with leading expert speakers from The Co-operative Bank’s fraud and cyber fraud teams as well as representatives from the Cyber Resilience Centre of Greater Manchester and Greater Manchester Police.

Watch the webinar