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How to register for online banking

Registration is quick and simple, and with access to your accounts 24/7, you can manage your money, opt in to paperless statements on current accounts and savings accounts and send payments whenever you need to.

3 simple steps to registration

  • Enter your personal details

    Your account number and sort code or 16 digit credit card number, name and date of birth

  • Verify who you are

    You'll be asked to answer a few questions and we will send you a verification code to your mobile phone or email to help us confirm who you are

  • Create login details

    Create a username, password and 6-digit security code

Benefits of online banking

  • Switch to paperless statements on your current, savings and credit card accounts
  • Make payments to new and existing recipients
  • Manage your Direct Debits, set up standing orders and make money transfers
  • Search and sort through 13 months' worth of transactions on your current and savings account
  • Search and sort through 6 months' worth of credit card statements
  • Support is available at any time and Live Chat between 7am-10pm daily
Register for online banking