Register for the Business banking app

Registration is simple and straightforward. You'll need to be a user of online banking. To start, log in to online banking and accept the terms and conditions if you haven’t already done so.

How to register for the Business banking app

  1. download The Co-operative Bank 'Business Bank' app from your app store and follow the on screen instructions
  2. you'll need to enter your online banking customer ID and user ID followed by a code from your security token
  3. once we've verified your identity, you will then create a five digit passcode that you will use to log in to the Business banking app. You'll also have the option to use your face recognition and fingerprint unlock software, if your device has them. These are known as Face ID and Touch ID on Apple devices.

Multiple businesses

You can only register the Business banking app on a device using one customer ID and user ID. If you have multiple businesses with different customer ID and user IDs, you will need to download the Business banking app to a separate device, as only one set of credentials can be used per device.

Multiple account users

We will allow all users on the account to register for the Business banking app on their own device, as long as they have their own online banking credentials and the account meets the Business banking app eligibility.

Deletion of the Business banking app

If you delete the Business banking app from your device, you can re-register it through the same set up process as previously.

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