Donation Fund Winners

Here's how the Donation Fund has helped some Community Directplus account holders with their projects.

connor from haringey shed theatre

Haringey Shed Theatre Project

Haringey Shed is an inclusive theatre and performing arts company for children and young people that gives every young person a part to play and where everyone is valued and respected. Jim Shepley, Executive Director of this very special performing arts group, tells us about the difference the donation from The Co-operative Bank’s Customer Donation Fund has made.

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Patchwork Community Gardening

Patchwork Community Gardening Group in Bristol brings together a group of local people who hate to see a useful bit of land go to waste. They meet regularly to turn neglected patches of land into community gardens. Laura from the group told us about how a donation from the Co-operative Bank Customer Donation Fund in 2017 has helped their community orchard to flourish.

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Stitches In Time

Stitches In Time is a community led visual arts and textiles organisation established in Tower Hamlets in 1993. They work within schools and community locations throughout London and the UK. Katie Adkins, Director of Enterprise and Outreach, told us how a donation from the Co-operative Bank Customer Donation Fund helped them to buy vital equipment.

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River of Flowers

With millions of hectares of flower-rich grassland having been lost in the UK, River of Flowers is on a mission to establish "rivers" of pollinator-friendly native wildflowers within urban landscapes across the UK. Kathryn from this non-profit social enterprise told us about a new project the organisation is funding through a donation from The Co-operative Bank's Customer Donation Fund.

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The Loss Foundation

The Loss Foundation is the only UK charity dedicated solely to providing bereavement support to spouses, family members, friends or colleagues following the loss of a loved one to cancer. Charity spokesperson Clair tells us how a donation from the Co-operative Bank's Customer Donation Fund in 2017 will keep their unique services running in Oxford for many months.

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Wooden Canal Boat

The Wooden Canal Boat Society in Tameside is about much more than just restoring old canal boats. It's a true community project that brings people from all walks of life together. Kath from the Wooden Canal Boat Society tells us how funding from the Co-operative Bank's Customer Donation Fund helped when emergency funds were needed.

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Zoofish Arts

Engaging people with mental health issues in creative arts is a proven way of promoting self-confidence and self-esteem. It can even become a route back into work and wider society. Zoofish Arts has been doing this in Poole, Dorset, since 2014, giving people a space to discover new ways to express themselves and develop new skills. We loved hearing from Rachel about how they've put the funding they received from the Co-operative Bank's Customer Donation Fund to good use.