Financial Support for Business

1 March 2023

5 min read

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Last updated on 12 May 2023

It's a challenging time for businesses with rising inflation, supply chain disruption brought about by the war in Ukraine, a global pandemic and Brexit. Business costs are increasing and hikes in energy prices are adding to the problem. Many are also finding it difficult to get paid on time, which is affecting their cash flow reserves. These factors are putting businesses under increased pressure.

That’s why, back in March 2023, we collaborated with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, The Federation of Small Businesses, Go Get Paid and Zellar to provide a free financial support webinar for businesses. 

The webinar provided help, support and guidance to alleviate some of the pressures of running a business. Our panel of experts shared what you can do to help improve and better manage your cash flow, save costs on energy bills and access business grants. We also offered support with writing business plans, understanding changes to legislation and tax following the Spring Budget, how to make more sustainable banking decisions and what to do if your business finds itself in financial difficulty.

Key topics covered include:

  • Cash flow management, including access to digital solutions to help you get paid on time
  • How your bank can help if you are in financial difficulty, including details of trusted third parties who can offer further support and advice
  • Changes to legislation and tax following the 2023 Spring Budget, information around how to access business grants and help writing a business plan
  • How to reduce energy bills and make your business more sustainable, including the latest news and updates from Ofgem around energy prices following the Spring Budget
  • A Q&A session where our experts answered specific questions from attendees.

Watch the full webinar recording here

Download the webinar event slides

  • The webinar slides also include useful resources, practical tips and materials to help.