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Switch your bank account

Switch your bank account

Worried about switching? Don't be.

New customers apply for an account before switching

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Ethical finance

Ethical finance

We live up to our customers' ethical priorities.

Manage your money 24/7 online and over the phone. Or go mobile.

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Manage your money 24/7 online and over the phone. Or go mobile.

A current account with an overdraft service if you need it.

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What is switching?

We offer the Current Account Switch Service which makes switching your bank account to us simple, reliable and hassle-free. The new service allows you to transfer your regular payments from another bank, on a switch date that suits you. It is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

  • All Standing Orders and Direct Debits are moved seamlessly from your old account to your new one
  • We will close your old account
  • We'll transfer your credit balance
  • Any other payments sent to your old account by accident will automatically redirect to your new account for 13 months

If anything goes wrong we will refund any charges made on either your new or old account.

Switch without a hitch

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Effortless switching

Simply apply for a Co-operative Bank current account. Once it's open, you're ready to switch. We'll transfer your credit balance and all your regular payments to it. We'll even close your old account too. It's switching made easy.

1: Choose your switch date - 2: Call or visit us and let us know - 3: Leave the rest to us

New customers apply for an account before switching.

Switching Common Questions ›

Current Account Switch Guarantee

We have designed the Current Account Switch Service to let you switch your current account from one bank or building society to another in a simple, reliable and hassle-free way. It will only take seven working days. As your new current-account provider we offer the following guarantee:

  • The service is free to use and you can choose and agree your switch date with us
  • We will take care of moving all your payments going out (for example, your Direct Debits and standing orders) and those coming in (for example, your salary)
  • If you have money in your old account, we will transfer it to your new account on your switch date
  • For 13 months, we will arrange for payments accidentally made to your old account to be automatically redirected to your new account. We will also contact the sender and give them your new account details
  • If there are any issues in making the switch, we will contact you before your switch date
  • If anything goes wrong with the switch, as soon as we are told, we will refund any interest (paid or lost) and charges made on either your old or new current accounts as a result of this failure

For more information go to

  • Crystal Mark
  • Current Account - Switch Guarantee

Switching Common Questions

  • When will the money in my old account be transferred to my new account?

    You will be able to access the funds in your old account up to and until your switch date, when they will be transferred to your new account.

  • Will switching my current account affect my credit rating?

    No, providing you repay any outstanding overdraft(s) on your previous account(s) as required by your old bank or building society. If there are any problems with payments (as part of the switching process) we will correct them and ensure your credit rating is not affected.

  • What happens to any debit card transactions that I have asked my old bank to stop?

    The Current Account Switch Service should not interfere with this process and any debit card transactions that you have asked your bank to stop should remain so after your switch.

  • What will happen with continuous card payments/ recurring transactions?

    If you have arranged to make recurring payments using your old account debit card number, your old bank won’t know your Co-operative/smile account debit card number so won’t be able to transfer these. This means that there is no guarantee that payment requests sent to your old account will be redirected. The supplier may contact you to request the details of your Co-operative/smile debit card. We recommend that you contact the supplier to set up a new recurring payment to ensure any service you receive is not interrupted.

  • I have used my debit card/paid by cheque in the last few days and you have advised me that my switch has now been completed. Will these payments be honoured?

    The Current Account Switch Service transfers all your payments and closes your old account; any payments due to debit your old account will be redirected to your account with us (if sufficient funds are available), with the exception of continuous card payments/recurring transactions as detailed above.

  • Can I prevent my new account details being given to someone who sends one-off payments to my old account?

    You may be able to transfer your payments to us without redirecting payments from your old account, please contact us on 08448 44 88 44 to discuss this.

  • What happens if there’s a problem transferring any of the payments?

    Sometimes we may be unable to set up some of the individual payments passed to us by the old bank. For example, we may not support a particular standing order frequency, or a Direct Debit may have invalid information. In these cases, we’ll always let you know the situation, and ask you to contact us and tell us how you’d like to proceed.

  • What happens if I make any amendments to my payments on my old account?

    If you make any amendments to regular payments or set up any new payments on your old account while the switch is in progress, please contact customer services on 08448 44 88 44 as soon as possible to ensure these are reflected on your new account.

  • What happens if there is a mistake or unnecessary delay in the Current Account switching process?

    The Current Account Switch Service is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee. This guarantees that any charges or interest incurred on your old or new account, as a result of a failure in the switching process, will be refunded when you bring this to our attention.

  • What if I change my mind?

    You can change your switch date any time before your switch starts and you can cancel your switch up to seven working days before your switch date. After these timescales only certain elements can be cancelled.

    Please contact customer services on 08448 44 88 44 if you wish to discuss further.

  • What type of accounts can I switch using the Current Account Switch Service?

    The Current Account Switch Service is for current accounts only. If you would like to switch other account types, such as a savings account, please contact customer services on 08448 44 88 44 or visit your local branch to discuss.

Important information

Before you begin the switching process, please read the following important documents.