The 2021 Values & Ethics Poll has now ended

We are in the process of collating the 2021 poll responses which will help us to shape our Ethical Policy that will be launched in 2022. Our Ethical Policy guides how we do business and the issues we support and campaign on. After all, we are the original ethical bank.

2022 will be a big year for The Co-operative Bank. We’ll be celebrating 150 years of co-operative banking and 30 years since the launch of our unique customer-led Ethical Policy. This policy sits at the heart of what we do and is what sets us apart from other banks.

Since 1992, over 320,000 customer responses have fed into our Ethical Policy and helped shape The Co-operative Bank’s practices. The policy outlines which businesses we will and will not provide banking services to. It also informs which causes and issues we support and campaign for. By taking part in the poll you’ll be helping to shape our bank for years to come.

Find out more about our current Ethical Policy including how we support UK co-operatives and the history of our Values and Ethics.

Poster that asks Want a say in where your money goes
Poster that says Take action on the climate crisis
Poster advising it's time to stop economic abuse

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