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Today's generation of children face increasingly complex financial futures, so financial education from an early age can be instrumental in them becoming more financially responsible adults later in their lives. Working with Fun Kids Radio has given us the opportunity to reach out to younger audiences to try and make a difference.

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Fun Kids Radio is a trusted brand amongst families and is the UK's only radio station dedicated to children and their parents. It provides an environment that is unique to children helping them learn by encouraging them to listen and use their imagination. The station is made up of 80% music and 20% talk time with 3.5 hours of learning content broadcast each week.

Each episode has been created to educate children aged 7-14 from what money is, right the way through to how they can use money to help others. With the help of Bobby, Chloe and Elisha you can take your children on an exciting journey as they discover how to save their pocket money.

Episode 1: What money is and how it works?

Bobby, Chloe and Elisha have been set a school project to write a song about money. But what is money? Find out, as they discover why we need money and how to use money responsibly. Listen here.

Episode 2: The importance of saving

Have you ever wanted to buy something and didn’t quite have enough money for it? See how Elisha saves her pocket money to buy something she really wants and still has enough money for cakes at the school cake sale. Listen here.

Episode 3: How to get more for your money?

Saving your pennies in a piggy bank is a great start but why not move your money to a savings account and get more for your money with a little interest. Listen to Elisha and Chloe explaining to Bobby what interest is. Listen here.

Episode 4: Why budget for money

Bobby really wanted the new England kit but if he had kept a monthly budget of his allowance he could have planned ahead and been able to buy a seriously big cake or two from the school cake sale instead of splurging out all at once. Learn how you can budget – by that we mean plan ahead – with the Bobby, Chloe and Elisha. Listen here.

Episode 5: Safe money

Chloe has lost her lunch money today but Bobby and Elisha have some great tips on how to keep her money safe and to never ever give out any personal details online (or otherwise). Listen here.

Episode 6: Digital money

Bobby, Chloe and Elisha talk about how money is changing and how they use money for online purchases. Can you think of how you would spend your digital money? Listen here.

Episode 7: Setting up your first Savings account

Too much birthday money this year and not sure what you want to buy? Well find out how Elisha has set up a new childrens savings account to keep her money safe while she makes up her mind. Listen here.

Episode 8: Helping others, by fundraising

Bobby, Chloe and Elisha are very excited about the different fundraising activities they are organising at their school fair. They discuss safety when fund raising and touch on the feel good factor of raising money for different charities. Listen here.

Episode 9: The big finale

Bobby, Chloe and Elisha are about to perform their song all about money on stage to the school! Listen here.

Episode 10: Money song

For a class project set by their teacher Bobby, Chloe and Elisha have created ‘The money song’. The song consists of eight elements; what’s money, savings, getting more for your money, budgeting, safety, digital/future money, setting up your first savings account and helping others by fundraising.


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