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Letting us know about a bereavement

01 June 2020

When grieving for someone, it can be hard to deal with their finances too. This guide aims to make the process as straightforward as it can be, so you can spend more time dealing with what matters most.

What do you need to do

We’ll need some documentation from you:

For sole accounts, we will need:

  • A completed Bereavement Instruction Form. The Solicitor, Executor or Next of Kin should complete this. It provides us with information about the deceased, and who will be representing the estate. You can find the form using this link Bereavement Instruction Form
  • An original or certified copy of the Death Certificate*
  • An original or certified copy of the Will, if there is one
  • If the total value of our customer’s Co-operative Bank, Britannia and Smile account(s) exceed £30,000, we will also require either a certified copy of the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration if there is no Will.

*To support families of our deceased customers at this time, we are currently accepting uncertified copies of the death certificate or a Bereavement Instruction form only when you first notify us. When we receive one of these documents, we will secure the accounts to stop payments being sent. We will still need you to send us the certified copy when it’s possible, to allow us to complete our remaining bereavement activities.

We will provide you with the account balances once we have received the Instruction form and Death Certificate.

For joint accounts, we will only need the following documents:

  • A completed Bereavement Instruction Form
  • A copy of the Death Certificate

For joint accounts, the death certificate does not need to be certified. Once received and processed the joint account(s) will convert into the name(s) of the remaining account holder(s).

Proof of Identity

If you are the Executor or Next of Kin and you do not currently hold a Co-operative Bank, Britannia or Smile account, we may need to verify your identity before proceeding. We will try to do this electronically and only if we are unable to verify your ID and address electronically will we ask you to provide paper proofs

Where should I send my documents?

You can take the documents into a Co-operative Bank branch, or send them to us at the address below.

The Co-operative Bank
Bereavement Team
PO Box 638
M5 0JQ

If you are posting these to us, we recommend using a trackable delivery service. These are important documents and this will reduce the risk of them being lost in the post. Once we’ve received them, we will aim to have them scanned and sent back out to you within the same day. Original forms of ID and address will be returned via recorded delivery. Other documents will be sent back to you via 1st Class post.

If you want to visit a branch, please contact us to make an appointment first.

Further information is available on our main webpage here and has the answers to the most popular questions.

Please note: we are updating our processes at the current time. This page contains the most up to date information.

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