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Banking Basics: help and advice

02 June 2020

Have you just opened a new bank account and wondered what online banking can offer you?

Maybe you've hesitated about using mobile banking because you're unsure of how it can benefit you? 

Here in Banking Basics we can help you by sharing basic information about digital banking.

You can find out more information by listening to the individual podcast episodes that we have created for you.

1. What is online banking?

If you haven't explored what online banking is, this podcast episode gives you a basic view of what it can offer.

During the coronavirus lockdown, you might find it easier to manage your bank account with online banking. First, have a listen to what the basics are.

More info about online banking

2. What is mobile banking?

It's worth exploring what mobile banking is, as it can help run your bank account.

This podcast episode will give you a basic run down about what mobile banking is, and what it can offer you.

More info about mobile banking

3. What is a phishing email?

Phishing is when criminals try to convince you to click on links within a scam email or text message, or to give sensitive information away such as bank details.

Listen to our podcast episode about phishing and how to avoid them.

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