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We’re committed to listening to our customers

26 November 2019

We’re a bank that embraces the co-operative values and we’re proud of our history and roots in the co-operative movement. We are committed to engaging with all of our customers and listening to them and working with them on the key issues and concerns that matter to them. We welcome customer feedback on how we’re doing and what we could do better.

As part of this, since 2016 we have been in regular engagement with The Customer Union for Ethical Banking - a group of customers who care passionately about our Ethical Policy. The group operates as a Co-operative and members pay a small subscription every year.

We value the opportunity to hear directly from a committed group of customers as we continue to focus on putting customers at the heart of our business, and we are delighted to commit to continue to do so through signing a Recognition Agreement.

Chris Larmer, Director of Customer Experience for The Co-operative Bank said; “Our customers are at the heart of our thinking and it’s fantastic to collaborate with a group who are staunch advocates of what makes us different to other banks – our values and ethics.

“Our customer-led Ethical Policy is central to everything we do, and we are delighted that the Customer Union want to support us in making a difference through our ethical position. At a time when more people are seeking greener choices, our Bank provides a way for consumers to say no to fossil fuels, and make a difference to communities, tackling the issues that are important to our customers.”

Rob Harrison from the Customer Union said; “In this moment of climate crisis it is important that there is still a mainstream bank out there which offers people an ethical choice and a way to take action. This recognition agreement demonstrates commitment to listening and co-operating with its customers.”

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