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Standing together with Amnesty International UK

03 December 2019

We’re standing together with Amnesty International UK to support individuals who are fighting for human rights across the globe. Throughout our long-standing partnership, we’ve supported Amnesty UK’s work to help individuals who are at risk from defending human rights.

Our colleagues are fighting with us, and in our latest podcast Maria Cearns, Director of Current Accounts & Savings, sat down with us to discuss her membership of Amnesty International and what their shared fight for human rights means to her.

Amnesty International help to fight abuses of human rights worldwide. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a document that acts like a global road map for freedom and equality, protecting the rights of every individual, everywhere. We discussed this with Maria, and she explained why this was so important to her:

People should, as a right, expect love and freedom and the ability to choose the path of their own life. That seems so innately sensible to me.’

‘I think if you were to speak to any mother, at any point, in any economic background, anywhere in the world, what they would want for their child would be exactly the same … that’s fairness and human rights.’

Maria was influenced by her mum and grandparents, as they encouraged her to make a positive impact. As well as being a member of Amnesty International, she also set up a Co-operative Bank Amnesty group, which was greatly received by our colleagues.

If I’m going to be perfectly frank, I had expected there to be a handful of people … I wandered down a couple of minutes late and was overwhelmed by the hordes of people who’d attended the group. That’s really powerful. That’s the piece that makes you realise this Bank is absolutely brilliant.’

The Co-operative Bank was born from the co-operative movement, and continues to operate by co-operative values. We believe we have a duty to use our voice and stand up for the causes that matter most to our customers, like promoting human rights and equality in partnership with Amnesty International UK.

We’re now supporting Rise Up, a year-long youth activism training programme, which will equip young activists with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to make positive change happen in their communities. We’re also supporting Amnesty International’s global Write for Rights campaign this year, and showing our solidarity with young people and causes all over the world.

To read more about our customer-led Ethical Policy, visit our values and ethics page.

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