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Rewarding charitable causes with our customers

05 September 2019

We have a long history of supporting charities and campaigning for important causes. Guided by our customers and our co-operative values, we seek out ways to improve society for everyone, and offer products and services that reflect our values and ethics.

Equally we know it’s hard to be good, but it’s good when we try. That’s why we provide our customers with opportunities to support charitable causes that matter to them, just by being one of our valued customers.

Our Everyday Rewards scheme gives eligible current account customers the opportunity to donate their monthly rewards to one of five charities: Amnesty UK, Hospice UK, Oxfam UK, Refuge, and The Woodland Trust.

So far this year, our customer donations have totalled over £156,000. Combined with the donations raised since the launch of Everyday Rewards, this incredible generosity continues to:

  • Support Amnesty and their mission to defend human rights around the world.
  • Allow Hospice UK to provide families across the UK with the care they need.
  • Aid Oxfam to empower more women with information about their rights.
  • Enable Refuge to provide support to over 6,500 women and children suffering domestic abuse across England and Wales.
  • Help Woodland Trust bring the benefits of woods and trees to people and wildlife across the UK.

A thank you from our chosen charities

"Hospices give skilled compassionate care in our homes or a specialist setting. They are there to support us at the most difficult time in our lives. Thanks to the customers of the Everyday Rewards Scheme, our work can continue to support over 200 hospices across the UK to continue to be there for over 200,000 adults and children every year." - Carole Walford, Chief Clinical Officer, Hospice UK

"A massive thank you to The Co-operative Bank and its customers for your support. Since 2007, you’ve raised more than £550,000 for our work, helping us to protect and plant trees and woods across the UK. These trees are helping to fight climate change, providing homes for wildlife and allowing people to connect with the natural world. Thank you." - Pip Borrill, Head of Partnerships, The Woodland Trust

"Oxfam works to advance women's rights and build fairer livelihoods recognising these are the most effective ways to end poverty. We could not achieve this without vital funds raised through the Co-operative Bank's Everyday Rewards Scheme. Thank you to all Everyday Rewards Scheme customers for your continued support." - Alex Lankester, Head of Private Sector Partnerships, Oxfam.

"For almost 50 years, Refuge has championed the needs and rights of abused women and children. Today we are the largest single provider of specialist services to survivors of gender based violence across the country; On any given day, Refuge supports over 6,500 women and children who have experienced domestic and gender based violence. Thanks to The Cooperative Bank’s generous customers who use the Everyday Rewards scheme we are able to continue this life-changing work’ - ensuring women and girls enjoy a life free from violence and fear; inflicted simply because they are female." - Sandra Horley, CBE, Chief Executive, Refuge

“Support from The Co-operative Bank’s staff and customers through the Everyday Rewards scheme, has enabled us to expand our movement and invest in campaign work at this crucial time. I would like to take a moment to thank you, together we are fighting for refugee families, marching for women’s rights, taking steps to protect human rights defenders and freedom for those unfairly prisoned including my Amnesty Turkey colleague Taner Kılıç. I’m grateful to be facing the future with you.” - Kate Allen, Director, Amnesty International UK

Thank you to our customers for their unwavering support and continued commitment to making a positive impact on local communities and beyond. Find out more information about our Everyday Rewards current account scheme here.

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