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Raising funds the wonderful way

11 April 2019

Taking part in sponsored events is now a national pastime. For so many reasons we get inspired to stretch our comfort zones, take on great endeavours or simply generate a sense of positive community. From running marathons and jumping out of aeroplanes to baking cakes and hosting coffee mornings, the commitment to raise funds for worthy causes is always worth the effort.

Many of us have created digital fundraising pages for our chosen charity. However, it can be frustrating when we transfer those funds only to see deductions for website costs, registration fees and more. This is where Wonderful comes in. It’s a simple fundraising website that benefits your chosen charity with the total amount you raise, and no hidden fees. The Co-operative Bank is proud to join forces with Wonderful and sponsor such a great venture.

Set up a fundraising page with Wonderful and every penny raised goes to your favourite charity. And that’s just the kind of ethical pursuit we’ve always been proud to support here at The Co-operative Bank. 


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