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Our Co-operative Spirit in Action

19 June 2019

When people work together, great things happen.

We are a business with deep, historic roots in The Co-operative Movement. Founded in 1872, The Co-operative Bank grew out of the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers and, along with organisations across the co-operative sector; we are built on co-operative values: honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others.

Those same values continue to guide what we do. This year, we’re proud to sponsor Co-op Congress and the Co-operative of the Year Awards, which celebrate groups and individuals for their work in the co-operative sector. The Congress provides a forum for co-operatives to learn more about the support available to them, to share their stories of success and to network. It also kicks off Co-operatives Fortnight - two weeks of mass co-operation every year.

“We are delighted to support Co-op Congress 2019 and to celebrate our most innovative and successful co-ops through the Co-operative of the Year Awards, having partnered with Co-operative UK’s business support programme The Hive since 2016. We are looking forward to this year’s Congress, which promises to be both informative and inspirational."

Andrew Bester, Chief Executive

Launched in 2010, Co-operatives Fortnight brings together hundreds of co-ops and organisations across the UK each year to promote co-operatives. Last year celebrated the difference co-operative groups make across the UK, and published The Co-op Economy Report. This revealed that co-operative businesses are twice as likely to survive the first five years compared to other businesses.

As a bank, we’re committed to supporting and championing the co-operative sector. Part of this involves our partnered with Co-operatives UK on The Hive, a support programme for co-operative businesses, and our award-winning Community Directplus account offers free business banking to co-operatives, charities and credit unions.

We were born from the co-operative movement, and its values will always form the cornerstone of our business. You can find out more about our values, ethics and co-operative roots here.

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