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The Hive gets on the SPSC guest list

20 November 2018

The Hive supports small businesses to work as co-operatives. SPSC is the story of bouncers clubbing together.

The Hive is a unique programme of support for new and existing co‑operatives. Created by Co-operatives UK, in partnership with The Co-operative Bank, it offers advice and training opportunities to groups at different stages of setting up or developing their co-operative or social business. From peer mentoring, resources and advice, to tailored co-operative training sessions.

With continued support of £1.3m until the end of 2020 from The Co-operative Bank, The Hive gives like-minded people, innovators and groups the support they need to succeed.

One of the co-operatives that have recently benefitted from the expertise and resources available from The Hive is Security Professionals Support Co-operative (SPSC), a brand new co-operative based in Newcastle.

SPSC is the story of bouncers clubbing together. Right on the frontline, it’s a new co-operative made up of door staff, committed to making a night out safe and welcoming for everybody, including those who are working the doors of the busy bars and clubs of city centre Newcastle.

The team of experienced door staff had highlighted concerns about the limited training new door staff are given before they find themselves in potentially volatile situations.

Door staff are effectively self-employed which means it’s difficult to get insurance, because of the obvious risks and nature of the work.

Security Professionals Support Co-operative (SPSC) was formed to deliver ‘security for security’. A quick lesson in handling conflict wasn’t going to cut it. They recognised they needed a comprehensive and enhanced training programme, backed up by appropriate legal support.

How did The Hive help?

The team of bouncers approached The Hive to establish their business as a co-operative.

The Hive provided the advice, resources and the support SPSC needed to set-up and structure the co-operative. Door staff who join SPSC can access enhanced training, legal support including civil and criminal solicitors, health insurance, as well as other benefits.

The Hive helped SPSC develop their standards and business operations, which in turn has opened up further opportunities for growth.

“Until The Hive got involved, I really didn’t know what a co-operative was, but I think a co-operative was definitely the way to go.”

Rob Dixon, SPSC

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