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Restoration of listing to the Official List and trading on the London Stock Exchange

05 November 2013

he Co-operative Bank (the " Bank ") announces, following the announcement on 4 November 2013 of the detail of the Bank's recapitalisation plan, that the listing of the subordinated debt securities and preference shares issued by the Bank listed below (the “ Relevant Securities ”) will be restored to the Official List of the UK Listing Authority ("Official List") and to trading on the London Stock Exchange, following a request from the Bank to the UK Listing Authority that such securities be restored to listing.

Details of the Relevant Securities


Outstanding Principal Amount

Ranking in Bank capital structure*

9.25% Non-Cumulative Irredeemable Preference Shares



Tier 1

13% Perpetual Subordinated Bonds



Upper Tier 2

5.5555% Perpetual Subordinated Bonds



Upper Tier 2

Floating Rate Callable Step-up Dated Subordinated Notes due 2016



Lower Tier 2

5.875% Subordinated Callable Notes due 2019



Lower Tier 2

9.25% Subordinated Notes due 28 April 2021



Lower Tier 2

Fixed/Floating Rate Subordinated Notes due November 2021



Lower Tier 2

7.875% Subordinated Notes due 19 December 2022



Lower Tier 2

5.75% Dated Callable Step-up Subordinated Notes due 2024



Lower Tier 2

5.875% Subordinated Notes due 2033



Lower Tier 2

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