Environmental, social and governance: what we’re doing

Reporting our ESG data

Every year we create our Values and Ethics in Action: Sustainability Report to publicly showcase our ESG data and highlights from that year. As the only UK bank with a customer-led Ethical Policy, our yearly sustainability report is a great way for you to see those values and ethics in action, alongside our commitments for the year ahead.

To read our reports:

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The Co-operative Bank and ESG: a break-down

The 3 individual areas which make up ESG are:

  • E- environmental
  • S- social
  • G- governance

These 3 areas are designed to help businesses create a socially and environmentally conscious culture, which serves the people, both internally within the business and externally, ethically guides business strategies, and works to protect the environment. Creating long-term, sustainable business.

How we work in the areas of ESG

Our future ESG commitments 

Environmental Commitments
Social Commitments
Governance Commitments


Further ESG information

How we protect the environment

In addition to the above, you can find below more information and additional resources on the work we’ve carried out and ongoing projects in our commitment to protect the environment:

  • Supporting industry wide initiatives such as the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative Principles for Responsible Banking.
  • Starting our journey to embed a full circular economy within our business in 2021.
  • We support environmental projects around the world through our carbon offsetting payments, in partnership with ClimateCare.
  • In 2020 we launched our ‘pop up van’, a fully electric vehicle that visits communities across the North West.
  • Our colleagues regularly use their volunteering time to support local environmental projects, including beach cleans and tree planting.

How we drive social change

Here at The Co-operative Bank, we know our colleagues and many of our customers are committed to driving social change in line with our Ethical Policy. Below, you can find more information and additional resources on how we support people and their communities:

  • Supporting UK co-operatives by funding The Hive, a business development programme for co-operatives, and by providing free banking services for UK co-operatives.
  • Supporting the third sector by providing free banking to charities, social enterprises and credit unions.
  • Our Community Direct Plus customers apply for funding from our Customer Donation Fund twice a year. We have supported over a thousand organisations with over £935,000 of funding; providing a wide range of projects which benefit the community.
  • Working to end youth homelessness through our partnership with Centrepoint.
  • Supporting survivors of economic abuse and driving positive change for its victims through our Know Economic Abuse campaign. In partnership with Refuge.
  • Defending human rights in partnership with Amnesty International UK and supporting the activities of our colleague Amnesty Group.
  • Through our Everyday Rewards Scheme our customers have helped us donate over £1Million for our charity partners since its launch in 2016.
  • Supporting our colleagues volunteering and fundraising activities through our employer supported volunteering and match-funding programme.
  • Ensuring access to basic bank accounts for under-served members of the community, including prisoner bank accounts and facilitating access to banking for homeless people.

How our values and ethics guide our business strategy

Our Ethical Policy is at the very foundation of who we are, and guides everything from our policies to our business strategies. Below, you can find more information and additional resources on our governing policies and legislation:

Find out more about our values and ethics.

Supporting our customers

At The Co-operative Bank, our customers and their welfare is at the forefront of everything we do. We know for many of our customers 2020 has been a particularly challenging year, due to Covid-19 and the challenges it’s presented. Below, you can find more details on our on going customer support, our partnerships and our Covid-19 customer support: