Information for TPP's

The Bank's implementation focuses on PSD2 regulatory compliance to enable access to online payment accounts by Account Information Service Providers (AISPs), Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) or Card Based Payment Instruction Issuers (CBPIIs). Our approach to meeting PSD2 regulatory compliance is to provide access via modified customer interfaces across our Co-operative Bank Personal, smile and Business Banking brands.

A testing facility is available for you to test the connectivity and functionality of your applications and software to access payment accounts.

To engage with us to access the sandbox and to make use of our modified customer interfaces you will need to be authorised or registered, (as appropriate), by a competent authority, in the UK this is the FCA,

  • as an AISP, PISP or CBPII
  • or to have applied to the FCA or a comparable competent authority for the relevant authorisation.

We will work with TPPs who meet the above criteria to register in order to access our online payment accounts.

Please contact us at 

A summary of our technical specification is provided below.

The Co-operative Bank Open Banking Platform Overview (PDF)

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