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Standing orders

  • Can I cancel an existing standing order?

    If you want to stop the payment before it leaves your account, cancel it before 9pm on the working day before it leaves.
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  • Can I change the details of my standing order?

    You can change your standing order details by logging into online banking and visiting Planned payments
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  • How long does each standing order payment take to reach the recipient?

    The payment will reach the recipient on the due date you set.
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  • Can I change the recipient of my standing order (e.g. if I change gas/electricity supplier)?

    No, the recipient cannot be changed. You'll need to cancel the existing standing order and create a new standing order.
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  • What is a standing order?

    A standing order is a regular, fixed-amount payment from your account to another UK bank account.
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  • What is the standing order reference, and why do I need it?

    It distinguishes your payments from anyone else's, in order to process them correctly.
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  • How regular can I make my standing order payments?

    You can set up your standing order to run at any frequency of your choosing (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly).
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  • Who can I pay by standing order?

    You can pay standing orders to anyone, including new and existing recipients and any company on our list.
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  • How many standing order payments can I make?

    You can set up as many standing order payments as you like.
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