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Direct Debits

  • I have a few Direct Debits with the same company, how do I make sure I’m cancelling the right one?

    Every Direct Debit has its own unique reference number. This is provided to you by the company claiming the Direct Debit. If you’re ever unsure, contact the company directly for the right reference number.
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  • What is my direct debit reference number?

    Your reference is a code unique to your Direct Debit, provided by the company who are claiming the payment.
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  • How do I set up a direct debit to another company?

    The company will need to set up the direct debit for you.
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  • What is the bank address to use for setting up a direct debit?

    The address for setting up a direct debit is: The Co-operative Bank, PO Box 150, Delf House, Skelmersdale, WN8 6GG.
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  • Where can I download a Direct Debit mandate for my Co-operative Bank Visa credit card?

    Download our Credit Card Direct Debit Mandate form then send it to the address provided.
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  • When do direct debits come out of my account?

    Direct debits will leave your account on the due date as per your agreement with the company.
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  • I’ve cancelled a Direct Debit, but it still appears on my list, is it actually cancelled?

    Cancelled Direct Debits will be removed from your list by the next working day.
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  • I don't recognise a recipient on a direct debit.

    If you're unsure about any company claiming direct debits from you, you should contact us.
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