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Samsung Pay

  • How do I remove a card from Samsung Pay?

    You can remove a debit or credit card from your Samsung Pay app in 5 simple steps.
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  • Can I use Samsung Pay abroad?

    Like any standard debit or credit card, you can use Samsung Pay abroad. But please bear in mind that there may be charges when spending overseas.
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  • I’ve changed my Samsung device. How do I re-register my cards onto Samsung Pay?

    Make sure to remove the card(s) from Samsung Pay on your old device, before re-registering these cards on another device.
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  • What is Samsung Pay?

    Samsung Pay lets you pay for things through your Samsung device, using the credit and debit cards you’ve stored onto it.
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  • If I get a new or replacement card, do I have to update my Samsung Pay?

    Your card should update automatically on Samsung Pay.
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