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Contactless cards

  • Can I opt out of having contactless?

    If you have a debit card, you can request a card that comes without contactless technology.
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  • Can I make a contactless transaction overseas?

    It depends upon the retailer. This technology is already available in many other countries and in some it is the expected way to pay for small value transactions.
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  • If I have a joint account, can we both use our cards for travel on public transport that accepts contactless payment?

    Yes, we will identify the cards separately to ensure that each card is charged the correct amount each day.
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  • Can I use contactless to get cash out at an ATM?

    No, you can't get cash out of ATM's using contactless
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  • What is contactless?

    Contactless payments allow you to make fast and secure payments in seconds by simply tapping your card on a payment reader .
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  • Could I be charged twice when making contactless payments?

    No. Once you have touched your card on the card reader to pay for that transaction, the transaction is complete.
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  • Could I unknowingly make a purchase as I walk past a reader?

    No, the retailer must have entered the amount to be approved first.
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