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Apple Pay

  • What is the Apple Wallet?

    The Wallet is the app you use on a compatible Apple device to securely store any registered cards you use.
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  • If I get a new or replacement card, do I have to update my Apple Pay?

    Your card should automatically update in Apple Pay.
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  • I have changed my iPhone/Apple Watch/iPad. How do I re-register for Apple Pay?

    You'll need to re-register your card on the new device before using Apple Pay.
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  • What is Apple Pay and how do I register?

    Apple Pay is an alternative way of paying in store, in app or online, using a compatible Apple device that stores your credit and debit cards.
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  • How do I de-register a card from my Wallet?

    You can do this by going to 'Settings', selecting 'Wallet' then tapping on the card you wish to delete.
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  • Is Apple Pay secure?

    Apple Pay is secure. You'll need to securely register and validate your Apple Pay wallet before use, and each transaction requires validation from you before going through.
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  • How can I get support with Apple Pay registration?

    You can get support from The Co-operative Bank, smile or the Apple Pay homepage.
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  • Will I be charged any extra for using the Apple Pay service?

    There's no charge for using the Apple Pay service. However, any processing fees that would normally be charged for making card payments will still apply.
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  • Will my credit/debit card transactions still be protected if I make payments through Apple Pay?

    You'll receive exactly the same protection as you would, if you paid with a physical credit/debit card.
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