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Ways to pay

  • How do I pay in a cheque?

    There's a number of ways in which you can deposit cheques into your account.
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  • What address should I post my cheque to?

    We have two postal addresses for cheques: a Visa credit card address and an address for all other accounts.
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  • How will Cheque Imaging protect me against fraud?

    Our fraud prevention controls have been updated and we will continue to contact you if we believe you have been the victim of cheque fraud.
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  • How are your transfer rates of exchange applied?

    Our rates of exchange are set around 8.30am each day and apply to all transfers and drafts that are less or equivalent to £20,000.
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  • What is the quickest way to receive money from outside the UK?

    The fastest way to receive a payment from outside the UK is through an electronic transfer.
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  • What is the Apple Wallet?

    The Wallet is the app you use on a compatible Apple device to securely store any registered cards you use.
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  • How can a secondary cardholder register for Apple Pay?

    If you're the main cardholder for an account, you'll need to register the secondary cardholder to Apple Pay on their behalf.
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  • Can I use Google Pay™ abroad?

    You can use Google Pay abroad, just like you would with a standard credit or debit card.
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  • I’ve changed my Android device. How do I re-register my cards onto Google Pay™?

    If you’ve replaced or updated your device, you’ll need to add your card(s) to your new device’s wallet to get started.
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  • Can I set up my international payment to come out on a future date?

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  • How do I remove a card from Samsung Pay?

    You can remove a debit or credit card from your Samsung Pay app in 5 simple steps.
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  • Can I use Samsung Pay abroad?

    Like any standard debit or credit card, you can use Samsung Pay abroad. But please bear in mind that there may be charges when spending overseas.
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  • How do I set up a direct debit to another company?

    The company will need to set up the direct debit for you.
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  • How are Samsung Pay refunds processed?

    It’s usually up to the place you’re buying from, but merchants handle refunds, returns, cancellations and voided transactions with Samsung Pay like any other refund.
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  • Can I change the details of my standing order?

    You can change your standing order details by logging into online banking and visiting Planned payments
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  • Can I cancel an existing standing order?

    If you want to stop the payment before it leaves your account, cancel it before 9pm on the working day before it leaves.
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  • How long does each standing order payment take to reach the recipient?

    The payment will reach the recipient on the due date you set.
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  • Can I use Apple Pay abroad?

    You can use Apple Pay wherever you see the Apple Pay logo or contactless symbol.
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  • If I have a joint account, can we both use our cards for travel on public transport that accepts contactless payment?

    Yes, we will identify the cards separately to ensure that each card is charged the correct amount each day.
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  • Can I opt out of having contactless?

    If you have a debit card, you can request a card that comes without contactless technology.
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