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Open Banking

  • What is Open Banking?

    With Open Banking, you can choose to allow FCA authorised Third Party Providers (TPPs) access to your account data to provide online payment and information services.
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  • Can I use my account(s) normally if I don’t consent to Third Party Providers (TPPs)?

    Yes, you can use your account as you normally would.
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  • Does The Co-operative Bank provide Third Party Provider (TPP) services?

    No, The Co-operative Bank does not currently offer its own Third Party Provider (TPP) services.
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  • Do I need to opt in or out of using Third Party Providers (TPPs) on my bank account(s)?

    Unless you provide explicit consent directly to a regulated TPP, your account(s) cannot be accessed.
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  • What happens to my Third Party Provider (TPP) services if I switch my account to you?

    There are a couple of things you’ll need to do once you switch to us, if you used TPP services with your old account.
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  • What if I’ve noticed a transaction I don’t recognise?

    If you notice a payment out of your account that you did not authorise, you should contact us as soon as possible on +44(0)3457 212 212 lines are open 24/7.
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  • How do I give consent for a Third Party Provider (TPP) to access my account data?

    When you sign up with a Third Party Provider (TPP) for account information services, the TPP should give you enough information to understand the nature of the service being provided and how it will use your data, including whether it will share your data with anyone else, before you give your consent.
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  • What bank accounts are included in Open Banking?

    Open Banking impacts any payment account (an account into which you can deposit money and/or make payments from) that is accessible online.
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  • I’m being asked by a Third Party Provider (TPP) for my online banking security logon credentials, is this OK?

    Under existing data protection regulations, TPPs must protect your data and the regulators will require these businesses to put further measures in place to keep your credentials safe and secure.
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  • What types of services do Third Party Providers (TPPs) provide?

    With your consent, FCA Authorised Third Party Providers can allow you to see all of your bank account information in one place, for example in a mobile app or online. These services can also be used to pay for things online, as an alternative to using your debit or credit card.
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  • I don’t know if I’ve agreed to have Third Party Provider (TPP) services on my account?

    You should contact the Third Party Provider (TPP) directly, to check the agreement they have with you.
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