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Card reader

  • Can I have two Card Readers?

    Yes, to order a second card reader at no extra cost just send us a secure message or call us.
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  • Do I need a different/new PIN to use the card reader service?

    No, you'll need to use the PIN you normally use for your credit or debit card.
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  • How do I request a new Card Reader?

    You can start a chat using our chat service, send us a secure message via online banking or you can call us on +44(0)3457 212 212.
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  • I hold more than one account with yourselves, can I use one card reader for all accounts?

    Yes. Our card readers aren't account-specific.
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  • How do I change the battery on my Card Reader?

    How do I change the battery on my Card Reader?
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  • My card reader isn't working?

    When using your card reader, please ensure you are following the instructions on the demo. If you're still experiencing problems, contact us.
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  • I've lost my Card Reader or my Card Reader is not working anymore, can I have another one?

    Yes, you just need to start a chat using our Live Chat service, send a secure message via online banking or call us on +44(0)3457 212 212.
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  • When do I need to use a Card Reader?

    You need a card reader online when performing certain transactions online such as setting up a new standing order, bill payment or amending contact details.
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  • What should I do if I get my PIN wrong when using my Card Reader? Will it block my card?

    If you get your PIN wrong three times in a row, it will need to be unblocked before this is useable again.
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  • If my card is damaged, can I use it with my card reader?

    If your card is damaged in some way, it may not work in a card reader (even if it's still working in ATMs).
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  • If I don't want to use a Card Reader will I still be able to use Online Banking?

    You will still be able to access online banking without your card reader, but there are a number of transactions you will be unable to carry out. Learn more >
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  • How will I know which card to use with my Card Reader?

    Your online banking screen will list the cards you can use with your card reader.
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  • I'm trying to pay an existing recipient. Why am I being asked to use my card reader?

    If you've altered a payment reference, you'll need to use your card reader to complete that payment.
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  • Can I use any Card Reader?

    Yes, Card Readers are universal.
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