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Financial help

  • How does this affect my credit score?

    Paying late or missing your payments will affect your credit score.
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  • I cannot afford to pay any more than the minimum monthly sum, what can I do?

    If you cannot afford to pay more than the minimum monthly payment, we will consider your individual circumstances and agree the most suitable option for you.
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  • What does ‘Persistent Debt’ mean?

    Persistent debt is when you pay more in interest, fees and charges on your credit card, than you are repaying of the amount you have borrowed for a sustained period.
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  • I pay my minimum payment every month?

    Paying only the minimum payment over a long term can be an expensive way to repay your debt.
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  • How can I pay off my balance?

    We offer a wide choice of ways to make regular or one-off payments; so just choose the one below that suits you best. Alternatively, you can pay off the whole balance via a loan or balance transfer, if they are available to you
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  • What does card suspension mean?

    Rules introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority require that we consider suspending your card if you stay in persistent debt for two 18-month periods in a row.
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  • How will increasing my payments save me money?

    Changing your minimum payment to a fixed payment (that does not decrease with your balance) is a great start, however doing this and paying even slightly more will mean you repay your balance much faster. If you keep making payments at a higher amount, it will reduce the amount of interest meaning that your balance will be cleared sooner.
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