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Fixed Rate Bonds

  • Can I switch from monthly interest to interest on maturity, mid-term, on my Fixed Rate Bond if I change my mind?

    Sorry, it's not possible to change how the interest on your Fixed Rate Bond is paid.
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  • Can I make regular payments into my Fixed Term Deposit Account?

    Unfortunately not. You can only make one initial deposit and then afterwards, no further deposits can be accepted during the term.
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  • What Fixed Rate Bonds do you offer?

    We offer a range of Britannia Fixed Rate Bonds.
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  • When is interest paid on the Fixed Term Deposit Account?

    You can either choose to receive your interest monthly into another bank account, or upon maturity.
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  • Can I cancel my Fixed Term Deposit Account?

    The account can be cancelled within 14 days of the date of the Fixed Term Deposit being opened, without charges.
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  • What happens once my Fixed Term Deposit matures?

    One month before maturity, we’ll contact you to remind you what date your account matures and what options are available to you at that time.
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  • Will I receive statements for my Fixed Rate Bond account?

    Yes, you'll receive an annual statement as well as a statement when your fixed term deposit account matures.
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