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Product Switch

  • Who's eligible to switch online?

    The eligibility criteria required to switch online.
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  • I've started my mortgage products switch online, but I’m not able to select some of my accounts to be switched, why is this?

    Your account(s) might be unavailable because there is still an Early Repayment Charge (ERC) in place on the account.
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  • I’m not sure which mortgage product I should choose – do you offer advice?

    We offer an advised mortgage service where one of our expert Mortgage Advisers will collect information about your personal circumstances so they can recommend a mortgage that is suitable for you.
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  • I think that my property has increased in value since the last time I took out my mortgage, can I change this?

    If you believe that your property’s value has changed since you took out your mortgage, then we will be happy to consider your new estimated value as part of your request for a mortgage switch. However, this will change the Loan to Value (LTV) figure.
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  • How can I pay the mortgage Product fee?

    The Product fee may be paid up front, added to the first direct debit payment or it can be added to the mortgage (not applicable for customers with an Interest Only mortgage).
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  • I’ve tried to switch my mortgage product online but my details aren’t being recognised, why is this?

    There are some scenarios where we want to talk to customers’ about their mortgage prior to the product switch taking place.
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  • I've started my mortgage products switch online, but some of my personal details are incorrect. How do I change these?

    Please contact us to change any of your personal details.
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  • I want to switch more than three sub-accounts but the system won’t allow me to select them all. How do I switch more than three accounts as part of the same application?

    It’s not possible to switch more than three sub-accounts at the same time as part of our online application process.
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  • I have an Early Repayment Charge (ERC), can I still switch?

    If you want to proceed with a product switch application, we’ll require payment of the Early Repayment Charge (ERC).
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  • What are the fees/charges for switching?

    A Product fee may be charged, depending on the product you choose.
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  • Will I receive any advice and/or a personal recommendation on which product I should switch my mortgage to using the online service?

    No, this option is only suited to those who already know which mortgage product they are looking for.
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