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Home insurance

  • Is wear and tear covered?

    No, wear and tear is not covered.
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  • Are my children’s contents covered whilst studying away from home?

    If you choose the Home Cover Extra policy, your child’s contents will be covered whilst away from home at University up to £5,000, provided the intention is to return the items to the family home.
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  • How do I register for My Account?

    Once you’ve purchased your home insurance policy you will receive an email to advise you when your documents are available to view online using My Account. You can register using the link in your activation email, whilst you’re waiting for your documents to be available.
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  • Do you cover Business use in the home?

    No. Unless it's purely paperwork, computer work or telephone calls, Home Insurance policies don't cover Business use in the home.
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  • What does Family Legal Protection cover?

    For an additional premium you can add Family Legal Protection cover to your policy, where you’ll be covered for the costs of pursuing certain legal proceedings.
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  • Can I take out a policy in joint names?

    Yes you can apply for a policy in joint names during the online application.
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  • Are my car keys covered by my Home Insurance policy?

    No, car keys are not covered.
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  • Where do I find my policy number?

    You can find your home insurance policy number at the top of your confirmation email.
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  • What is Flood Re?

    Fairmead Insurance Limited are working with the Government and participate in the not-for-profit flood reinsurance scheme, known as Flood Re.
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  • I can’t remember the User ID, password or security question for My Account?

    Your user ID may be the same as your email address but if this doesn’t help, you’ll need to select ‘Forgotten your User ID’ and follow the steps. If you have forgotten the password, please select the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link, and complete the next steps. If you’re unable to remember your security question/memorable word please contact Customer Service department on 0370 060 0014.
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  • How do I request online documents or opt out of them?

    You can request online documents by calling on 0370 060 0014.
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  • How do I access my online home insurance documents?

    Go to My Account where you can log-in using the email address and password you set up at registration.
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  • What is My Account?

    My Account is a secure online portal where you can view and download your home insurance policy documents.
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  • Can I get home insurance documents in Braille, large print or audio tape?

    If you’re visually impaired and would like documents in Braille, large print, audio tape or CD, please call on 0370 060 0014.
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  • Can I change my home insurance policy online?

    Sorry, you can't change your policy online. You would need to call the Home Insurance Team to look into this.
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  • You recognise my home insurance customer reference number on My Account, but I’m unable to complete my registration?

    When registering for My Account, you must be the main policyholder Please also make sure that you're entering valid information.
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  • Can I save and print my home insurance policy documents on my personal computer?

    Yes, you can save and print all your home insurance policy documents.
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  • What’s an excess?

    The excess is the amount you must pay towards each and every claim.
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  • What is Find and Access?

    Find and Access of water or oil leaks relates to the cover needed for the costs involved in finding the source of an escape of water or leakage of oil.
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  • What is accidental damage cover?

    Accidental Damage covers you for those little mishaps like putting your foot through a ceiling (Buildings) or spilling wine or paint on your carpet (Contents).
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