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  • Can I access my joint account from your mobile app?

    Yes, both account holders can download the app and register on different phones.
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  • How do I apply for tax-free interest on my account if I do not normally live in the United Kingdom?

    You can download the R105 form (application for a saver not resident in the UK to get deposit account interest without tax taken off) from HMRC, or fill it in online.
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  • Does a Student Current Account come with a debit card?

    Yes, if you're 18 or over and already hold a student account with us you'll be issued with a debit card. (Subject to status). This account is no longer available to new or existing customers.
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  • Where can I find a Joint Account Consent form?

    Download our Joint Account Consent form then send it to the address provided.
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  • How do I add or remove a joint account holder?

    To add or remove a joint account holder, complete the appropriate form and return it to us.
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  • How do I order a chequebook for my account and how long does it take to arrive?

    To request a chequebook or any other stationery for your account, login to online banking and send us a secure message.
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  • How do I transfer from a sole account to a joint account?

    You'll need to fill in a form and either post it to us or drop it in to your local branch.
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  • Is there a monthly fee for your current accounts?

    Current Account, Current Account Plus, Cashminder, and Student Account do not charge a monthly subscription fee.
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  • Will all account holders be able to see transactional information on the account?

    Yes, all account holders are able to see the transactions on a joint account.
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  • Can my partner be added to my account if they have just moved to this country?

    Yes, as long as they can prove their identity and address.
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  • Can the balance in a joint account be accessed by all account holders?

    Yes, any balance on the account belongs to all the people named on it.
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  • Can we manage our joint account online or via the mobile app?

    Yes, you can register individually for our online banking service to access your joint account.
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