What is Everyday Rewards?

Everyday Rewards is a scheme that you can opt into at no extra cost if you hold an eligible Co-operative Bank current account, which rewards you for your Everyday Banking Behaviours. With Everyday Rewards you get rewarded provided you do the following things with your nominated current account each month:

  • pay in a minimum of £800 to the nominated account (transfers from other Co-operative Bank, Britannia and smile accounts do not count)
  • stay in credit or within any arranged overdraft limit on the nominated account
  • log in to Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App at least once during the month
  • opt into Paperless statements
  • pay out at least four Direct Debits from the nominated account.

If you meet all of the qualifying criteria, you will be rewarded £1 Account Rewards.

Plus, if you have met the qualifying criteria, you could earn up to an additional £1.20, simply by using your debit card to pay for things. You’ll earn a 2p Reward every time you do, up to a maximum of £1.20 a month.


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