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  • What happens if I exceed my credit card limit?

    You may be charged if you exceed your credit limit. If you don't bring your balance back within your credit limit we may block your card.
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  • What happens if I miss payments to my Co-operative Bank credit card?

    If you miss payments or exceed your credit limit, you may incur a default fee.
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  • How do I add an additional cardholder to my credit card?

    You can apply to add an additional cardholder online or by printing off an additional cardholder application form and posting it to us.
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  • What is an additional credit cardholder?

    This is someone you share your credit card with, both of you have a card and you share the credit limit.
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  • What is my credit limit?

    This is the total agreed amount of credit available on your credit card.
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  • Can I use my Co-operative Bank credit card to withdraw cash?

    Yes you can however, there will be a charge for the withdrawal of any cash from your Co-operative Bank credit card.
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