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Balance transfer

  • Am I eligible for a balance transfer credit card?

    Please see our Balance Transfer Credit Card page for additional information and full eligibility criteria.
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  • What happens at the end of the 0% balance transfer interest offer period?

    Any balance remaining at the end of the 0% interest balance transfer offer will be charged at the standard balance transfer rate. You can find this rate in your monthly statement.
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  • How much can I transfer to my Co-operative Bank credit card?

    The amount you can transfer will vary depending on whether it's part of a promotion or a standard balance transfer.
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  • Can I transfer my balance from an existing credit card?

    You can transfer a balance from another credit card or store card which you hold with another lender.
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  • Once I've applied for a credit card balance transfer, should I stop paying my other lenders?

    You should continue to make payments to your other lenders until your balance transfer has been processed and confirmed by them.
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  • How long do I have to transfer a balance to my Co-operative Bank credit card?

    The period within which you must transfer a balance to benefit from the promotional offer is set out in your credit agreement.
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  • How quickly will my balance transfer be processed?

    Your balance transfer will usually be processed the next working day if you already have an account or on the first working day after opening your account.
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  • How do I transfer a credit card balance?

    You can transfer the balance from another credit card online or by calling us on +44(0)345 600 6000.
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  • What is a balance transfer?

    A balance transfer is when you move debt from one credit card to another.
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  • Am I eligible for a balance transfer to my existing Co-operative Bank credit card?

    Please call us on +44(0)345 600 6000 (Call Charges) to find out what balance transfer offers are available to you.
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  • Will I be charged for doing a balance transfer?

    Yes, we charge a fee to transfer a balance to a Co-operative Bank credit card.
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