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  • What is Everyday Rewards?

    Everyday Rewards is a scheme that you can opt into which rewards you for your Everyday Banking Behaviours.
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  • Can I access my joint account from your mobile app?

    Yes, both account holders can download the app and register on different phones.
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  • How do I apply for tax-free interest on my account if I do not normally live in the United Kingdom?

    You can download the R105 form (application for a saver not resident in the UK to get deposit account interest without tax taken off) from HMRC, or fill it in online.
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  • Does a Student Current Account come with a debit card?

    Yes, if you're 18 or over and already hold a student account with us you'll be issued with a debit card. (Subject to status). This account is no longer available to new or existing customers.
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  • Where can I find a Joint Account Consent form?

    Download our Joint Account Consent form then send it to the address provided.
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  • Can I opt back into receiving overdraft text alerts if I have opted out?

    : Yes, you can opt back into receiving overdraft text alerts at any time.
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  • How often will I receive overdraft text alerts?

    If we have a mobile number registered for you, we'll send you overdraft text alerts when you go into or are about to go into an arranged or unarranged overdraft. We'll also send alerts if you have payments due that may not get paid.
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  • Are overdraft text alerts secure?

    Yes, they are secure. The text message will come through with the name ‘Co-optiveBk’ as the sender and we’ll only include the last four digits of your account number
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  • How do I add or remove a joint account holder?

    To add or remove a joint account holder, complete the appropriate form and return it to us.
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  • How do I order a chequebook for my account and how long does it take to arrive?

    To request a chequebook or any other stationery for your account, login to online banking and send us a secure message.
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  • Is there a monthly fee for your current accounts?

    Current Account, Current Account Plus, Cashminder, and Student Account do not charge a monthly subscription fee.
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  • How do I transfer from a sole account to a joint account?

    You'll need to fill in a form and either post it to us or drop it in to your local branch.
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  • Will all account holders be able to see transactional information on the account?

    Yes, all account holders are able to see the transactions on a joint account.
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  • Can my partner be added to my account if they have just moved to this country?

    Yes, as long as they can prove their identity and address.
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  • Can the balance in a joint account be accessed by all account holders?

    Yes, any balance on the account belongs to all the people named on it.
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  • Can I change my mortgage rate before the end of my initial rate period?

    You may be able to change your mortgage rate before the end of your initial rate period.
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  • How does the Bank of England base rate affect my mortgage?

    On the 2nd August 2018 The Bank of England base rate increased from 0.50% to 0.75%. The Bank’s Standard Variable Rate will increase from 4.74% to 4.99% effective from 1 September 2018.
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  • Can I make overpayments on my mortgage?

    Overpayments are when you pay an extra amount into your mortgage each month, with the aim of saving interest in the long run, or funding future underpayments.
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  • What is my Personal Savings Allowance

    Your Personal Savings Allowance will be different dependent on what rate of tax you pay.
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  • Can I apply for a current account online?

    You can apply for our Current Account and Cashminder Account online.
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